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  1. normals

    • normal的名詞複數
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    • 師範大學?Normal Univers

      Normal除了正常的,還有正規的意思 YAHOO字典就可以查到 normal a. (形容詞 adjective...的,正規的,標準的 The doctor said the child's temperature was normal. 醫生說孩子體溫正常。 2.精神正常的;身心健全的 He did not seem...

    • ever hopeful as normal ! 的語意。

      ever hopeful as normal = 和平常一樣總滿懷希望 2013-01-31 12:06:59 補充: "normal" does...正常人" , for example: Your blood pressure is higher than normal. Let's hope everything returns to normal soon. I'm glad...

    • 英文 normal (resistant) skin

      ...是兩種不同的膚質,皮膚依其敏感程度分為下列三種: Normal Skin: 一般膚質 或 正常膚質 Resistant...resistant skin) **AHAaminoPlex Activator 30% (normal-to resistant skin) **AHAminoPlex Activator...