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  1. nose about

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    • 1. 探聽 You'd better go and nose about a bit. 你最好去打聽一下。 Don't nose about in other people's affairs. 不要打聽別人的事。



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    • 麻煩英文高手幫忙翻譯一下

      ... out surveys for large companies that pay through the nose to learn about people like us so they know what to sell to us on the product ...

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      ...pull拉眼皮(想睡覺或是其他原因時,用手將眼皮往上拉) 4.ear grasp抓住耳朵 5.nose tap輕拍鼻子(非常親密的人用鼻子輕觸對方) 6.fingertips kiss指尖吻...

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      All things about a person who hasn’t a nose 這不是完整句子,但用作書籍名稱或文章/斷落的標題則沒問題(此時不必用...