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  1. not A as much as B

    • ph.
      與其說 A 不如說 B
    • 釋義


    • 1. 與其說 A 不如說 B She doesn't want food as much as a wok for cooking food. 與其說她要食物, 不如說她要煮食物用的鍋子。
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    • as much as/so much as

      People do not shake hands ________________ you do in Europe. (B) so much as so much as : 像… 那樣多 多用于否定句 i.e. not so much as不...

    • 好難懂 as much as B → 指 "AB一樣地﹙一樣的﹚..." 所以,A much as B →指 "AB不是一樣地﹙一樣的﹚..."; 此外,A...

    • 一句英文翻譯(英文翻中文)

      ...great thoughts that will appeal to the imagination. 本句的關鍵在以下的句式:not so much A as B : 不是A而是B;與其說是A,倒不如說是B 整句話...