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  1. not a bit

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    • ph.
    • 1. 一點也不

      He's not a bit better. 他一點也沒有好轉。

      Are you cold? Not a bit. “你冷嗎?” “一點兒也不冷。”



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    • not a bit .....

      可以通用例:A: Thank you for went through all the trouble for me.B: Not a bit. / Not at all.都通意思都一樣

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      ...他唱起歌來像偶像明星一樣。 5 He can juggle with anything.He's not a bit frightened of the dark.他可以玩弄任何東西。他一點也不害怕黑暗。 6...

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      ... to the teachers. I guess her temperament has not changed a bit since we knew each other. Just like yesterday when a classmate of ...