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    • Are you a superstitious person

      I am not a superstitious person 1. I have never gone to a fortune teller 2. I never go a temple...a something good in return. 5. I never worship stones, trees, or a dog, in order to gain fortune in the future

    • 英文的格言~~English motto

      stone walls do not a person make, nor iron bars a cage「石牆不成牢,鐵柱不成檻」這是一位詩人受...

    • 急ㅠㅠ ```請幫我想答案.

      ... difficult questions. I'm not a very thoughtful person, but I'll try to be intelligent here. 1. A..., however, against addiction to cosmetic surgery (e.g. a person should not have repeated surgery on the same body part...