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    not anymore
  1. not any more


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    • 1. 不再 She doesn't go any more, but she used to go twice a week. 她不再去了,但過去她每週去兩次。
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    • no more 和 not anymore no more,Craig David唱的 那為什麼do not 和no more會一起用??又並沒有雙重否定 因為它的翻譯是...此句確實用法不對,應為: I just don't love you anymore! 或者 I just love you no more! (我只是不再愛你...

    • not...anymore

      not...anymore 再也不... We are not friends anymore. 我們再也不是朋友了。 I don't want to go to that park anymore. 我再也不想到那個公園去了。

    • no more & not anymore

      ...more”之肯定語句! 2006-07-12 22:31:56 補充: any more = anymore,所以 no more = not anymore = not any more...例句: I propose that we separate since I don't love you...