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    • 商英中翻英 請幫忙檢查文法對不對

      原句:Mr. Chen is not at work today. But he has got your...下文不長,在此可用句點即可) Sb is not at work 可能指「沒上班」;not in the office可能指「有上班...

    • not放句首

      Because I do not want to bother anyone at work, I left the office without informing anyone. 因為兩個子句的主詞同一...

    • 請問英文句子翻譯

      At work, do not do the things that you wouldn't want your boss know or you might be fired because of the abuse of the computer.這樣比較通順!!misuse是誤用,abuse才是濫用喔!!