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    • 請各位英文高手幫我訂正文法(很急)

      ... have to change my temper, even though it’s not an easy task to change a person’s personality in a short time. So if the technology would be able to get improved to change a person’s personality...

    • 超級緊急的 幫忙翻譯蘭斯洛的文章!!!!

      然后國王留下她和女王/王后yearnsardently 對于arrivalof她的戀人和她的喜悅.sh e沒有desirethis时间對bearhim任何憐惜。 但是謠言,從未休息,但是奔跑總是不斷地,再到達女王/王后對effectthat lancelot將自殺為了缘故 如果他有機會。 她是愉快的在想法這是真實的,但是她不會安排它...

    • 幫忙翻譯英文(有關健康醫學的)

      ...patient having such kind of problems are not able to stand long or to walk so long. People having...problem, their knee joints have to bear more weight than the average. However, the reason...