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  1. not believe one's ears

    • ph.
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    • 急!!英文段落翻譯?

      ..., pierced ears or erythropoietin, the same message ... dubious and the risks not insignificant. 無論我們是否思索現金 definition, early users believe that the possible gains from...

    • 2014年上網飆暑假作業英文(20點)

      ...where (2)1 knack (3)3 superstitious (4)2 in-laws (5)2 inferior= an inferior mind;not good or less good in quality or value; (6)3 on (7)3 wealthy=rich (8)2 expecting...

    • 英文填寫下面卦格的

      ...shirt to class. He (has) an earring in one ear. That (seems) very strange to me...the hard tests. No. He (does not believe) in tests. Why (does not he believe...