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  1. not believe one's eyes

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    • 請用英文幫我回答下列問題

      ...other people's religions. 9. I should keep it to myself first because people are not likely to believe what I say and it is not science to cliam something without any further evidences.

    • 有點難的英翻中,渴求有好心人幫忙!! 不要翻譯機喔...

      ... page for a full-length download. 參觀聆聽對全長下載的那一頁 the one who survives by making the lives of others worthwhile she's coming apart right before my eyes 那人藉由其它生命值得花時間繼續生活,她正確出現於我眼前 the one who ...

    • 我的英文作業studying deadaches送20點喔!

      ... around one of the person's eyes. 病患的疼痛是來自這種頭痛...病患眼部週圍. Doctors do not know much at present about cluster ..., some doctors believe they have found the part of...