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    • 一篇文章求求各位英文高手幫忙翻譯了~

      Who is not busy all day in order to survive? Hope to live a better life... along crowd poured into. But to the integration result not more great between the industries, but let the memory that once left...

    • 請問《基礎英文1200句》第2單元(p.2)的練習題答案

      p 2-1 She is not busy. p 2-2 It is not easy. p 2-3 He is not friendly and...6 Japan is not poor and backward. p 2-7 Bagdad is not safe.

    • either句型

      either句型 我的文法書中有這麼一句 You weren't not busy,and Tom wasn't,either 中譯 你不忙 湯姆也不忙 weren't not 這個部份怪怪的 真的沒有錯嗎 這句話真的錯了, 應該是: You weren't busy, and Tom wasn't, either.