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    • 翻譯一句英文句子!

      應該是Do not delay anything that adds "laughter" and joy to your life. 不要耽誤任何可以為生命帶來歡笑和愉快的事物

    • 非常急~求高手英文翻譯

      ...we have every ship orders out a lot of sheets, each order is not delayed, we can not accept a shipment of each amount you deduct the 10% delay penalty. In...

    • 為什麼寄出的e-mail收到(Delay)??

      .... 這只是一個警告消息。YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR ... recipients has been delayed. 傳遞到下列收件人的信件已被推遲。 2011-06-28 13...