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  1. not do things by halves

    • ph.
      do things thoroughly or extravagantly
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    • ph.
      do things thoroughly or extravagantly

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 中文成語翻英文 愈多愈好 謝謝 15點

      ...and spur. 班門弄斧Teach one's grandmother how to suck eggs. 半途而廢Do things by halves./ Not go the whole hog. 杯水車薪A drop in the bucket. 背道而馳Run counter to...

    • kind的意思到底是啥?

      ...of the kind] I meant. 這就是我說的那種事情. He is not the kind (of person) to do [who does] things by halves. 他不是那種做事半途而廢的人. 7. 【人】 特定種類的人 《例句》 a kind of...

    • 關於我的個性,想用英文句子當勉勵

      ... do things by halves.做事切莫半途而廢。Never do things by halves.做事切莫半途而廢。Rome was not built in a day.羅馬不是一天造成的。Second thoughts...