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    not every man's money

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    • 錢的英文諺語??

      ...lot of money out of foreign trade.(他由國外貿易賺了大錢) 8. He is not everybody's money.(他並不受人人歡迎) 9. She thinks she is every man's money.(她自己為每個男人都愛她) 10. I was out of money by...

    • 幫忙我翻譯中文不要YAHOO字典

      ... and asks for money.” I was jubilant.... I had not misread the situation; I had... speak to my mother every Sunday morning. When...

    • 急求英文短劇劇本(翻譯)

      ... you pay off the first baseman every month, who gets the money? Abbott: Every dollar. Why not? The man's entitled to it. Costello: Who is...