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  1. not for all the tea in China

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      無論報酬多高; 無論得到多大好處
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    • 1. 無論報酬多高; 無論得到多大好處 I would not marry him for all the tea in China. 即使有天大好處我也不嫁給他。 I would not sell that picture for all the tea in China. 我無論如何也不賣那幅畫。


    無論報酬多高; 無論得到多大好處

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      ...也是種昂貴的享受;所以電影裡才說「For all the tea in China/就算把中國所有的茶葉給我」,表示...讓我來把此句進一步地台灣化~ I would not leave you for all the 貢丸 in 新竹,but...

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      ...chinny-chin-chins 因為野狼的毛很多,所以表示拒絕的次數就是那麼多 not for all the tea leaves in our china teapot 也是一樣,沒有人會真的去數茶壺裡有幾片茶葉,可以用來比喻數量很多...

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      ..., that is not my cup of tea. I want to travel around the world, because I...and the houses in Kyoto, Japan for example, are found in China's Tung ...