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    not for one's health

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    • 請問英文作文高手們!!! 送20點

      ... a shower, or just eating good food. The results of not caring for one's self health can lead to many disease and disorders. The care for our body...

    • 請幫忙修飾一下我寫的翻譯,並挑出錯誤。

      There’s nothing more important for one's health than sleeping well. In brief, if you didn’t sleep well last night, you would not only feel uncomfortable next day, but also not able to learn or work efficiently. However...

    • 中文句子翻成英文

      .... 10.節食太久對健康不好。 Being on a diet too long is not good for one's health. 希望幫到 不滿意或有問題請再補充發問