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  1. not in the least

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    • 1. 一點兒也不

      This book is not in the least difficult. 這本書一點兒也不難讀。

      It doesn't matter in the least. 那絕對不要緊。





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    • 英文片語翻譯

      ...常加上not 表示強烈的否定 (bit 和in 可互換 可用可不用) not the least (bit)/ not in the least 表示"(not at all)一點也不" We mustn't relax in the least (bit...

    • 請問英文片語:last but not the least

      last but not least used when mentioning the last person or thing of a group, in order to say that they are not less important than the others EX...

    • 這封英文情書合格嗎??(10點)

      ...grateful to God that I met you. Whether we can be together or not in the future, (at least/to tell the truth) with you these days; I am very happy now. ...