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  1. 你是不是要查

    not in the slightest
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    not in the slight est

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    • 英文翻譯 is not by any means among

      ...any method) by no means 絕不 (= not at all, in no way, not the least bit, not in the slightest, absolutely not) by all means 務必;當然; 儘一切可能 (= certainly, of course...

    • 英文倒裝翻譯和介紹

      ...way, by no means, under no circumstances, not on your life, not in the slightest, not by a long shot, least of all, for no reason, ...etc.3. 比較下列各句子: (A...

    • 英文片語翻譯

      the least bit adv : in the slightest degree or in any respect; 最少的 一點點 可是the least bit/ in the least 常加上not 表示強烈的否定 (bit 和in 可互換 可用可不用) not the least (bit)/ not in the...