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    • 為什麼 not 在 why 問句中不移前

      ...如果您先將 What does (Peter's greatest contribution) not include ? 看成是對的 (其實本來就是對的),再來看 why 的句子,兩個文法就只是一個...

    • 請問一句中文翻英文

      This table does not include the data for the indigenous people in the mountains and on the planes.... 2014-08-07 00:10:35 補充: The figures on this table do NOT include... Sorry about the typos...

    • including but not limited ....

      but not limited to 的意思是在monthly salaries 及bonus之外,可能還有別的津貼(因為不受此兩項所限)。 如果不將這個寫出來,則including的,只有monthly salaries及bonus這兩項而已。