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    • 幫忙翻譯一下這幾句英文

      ...mostly about whether or not you want to spend more time with the other person. (通常...people look is one of the first and biggest things that ...have learned about appearances...people never get to know great people who do...

    • About Mid-Autumn Festival

      ... all these foods, it could not be omitted from the Mid-Autumn Festival...round moon cakes, measuring about three inches in diameter and one and a half inches in thickness, ...

    • 可否'幫我翻譯中文?

      ...nOt kNow aLL d tHinGs AbOut u.. I may not know all the things about you 我可能不知道關於你的一切 bUt dERs ONe tHing i KnOw.. But there’s one thing I know...