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    • 高手請進..拜託大家中翻英幾句,謝謝!!

      1 People should not only make good use of their equipment of bedroom but also keep it clean...other person's work and rest , people should keep quiet , not speak too loudly in the dorms, 2009-04-09 22...

    • 請幫我中翻英~謝謝^^

      In my opinion, those are things that should not be done in university. Besides, he should make use of every opportunity to acquire more experiences by participating in various...

    • 請幫幫看看文法

      只要加兩字, 老師就不會打問號了: The value of life lies not in the number of days we live, but in the way we make use of them. 您總要對days加以定義, 對吧? 2012-10-17 11:01:40 補充...