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  1. not in so many words

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    • how should i answer this?

      not many ppl play basketball here--------這句的文法是錯的 你朋友應該是說: not many ppl playing basketball here( 片 語 ). 意思是: There ...

    • 關於不定詞當關代引導形容詞子句

      There are not many things for me to choose from.以上為書本原來句子...處的me是to choose from在邏輯上的主詞。 There are not many things for me which I choose from.唸起來應該...

    • (英文) 一個有關many much的句子

      ...not remember much of the things. 跟 I do not remember many things. 是一樣的嘛?為什麼第一句要用much.... 我不記得很多的事。(好些事我都忘了。) not remember many things 是「沒記得幾件事」、「好些事...