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  1. not much

    • ph.
      不多; 很少;【口】不十分好, 不怎麼了不起; 不很擅長; 不十分感興趣
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    • 1. 不多; 很少 A: Do we have any homework? B: Yes, but not much. 甲: 我們有沒有家庭作業? 乙: 有, 但是並不多。
    • 2. 【口】不十分好, 不怎麼了不起; 不很擅長; 不十分感興趣 As a leader, he is not much. 作為一個領導人, 他並不怎麼傑出。 I am not much for/on western literature. 我對西方文學不太感興趣。
    • 3. 【口】哪裡的話, 當然不; 未必; 不大可能 A: You can speak English well. B: Not much. 甲: 你的英語講得很好。 乙: 哪裡, 哪裡。
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    • Not much whats up wit u

      你一定是說: how are you? 或類似的問候 對方回答: Not much; what's up with you? (我近來沒什麼忙的. 你呢?) 2010-04-10 01:51:22 補充...

    • Greetings其中的Not much.

      What's up? 有什麼新鮮事嗎? Not much. 沒有ㄟ 很口語的英文

    • not so文法細節

      ... liked" marked red. Dose it mean "I like not so much his appearance as his personality." ? Would you help me...