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  1. not proven

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      【律】證據不足(根據蘇格蘭法律在刑事審判中對沒有充分證據證明被告有罪或無罪之案件所作的裁定, 據此被告應予開釋)
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    • 英文2分短片翻譯! 急! 20點

      0:18Steve : The problem is not proving that UFOs exist. It is when you...the ground. 1:07 Governments have not gone far enough, so we’ve decided that...

    • 不好意思請問有人可以幫我翻譯嗎??

      ...about eyeglasses and eyesight that are not proven facts, for instance, some people believe that ...cause some pain or headaches, it does not permanently damage eyesight. 我們常聽到的謬論是關於視力...

    • 這段英文怎麼翻譯較通順呢? energy, the dominant technology currently available in the marketplace, has not proven to be grid competitive in the absence of heavy subsidies . 然而,市場上...