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  1. not saying much

    • ph.
      (用以指出某事物沒什麼了不起)不過如此; 僅此而已
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    • 1. (用以指出某事物沒什麼了不起)不過如此; 僅此而已 She's taller than me, but as I'm only five foot, that's not saying much. 她比我高, 可我只有五英尺, 不能說明她很高。
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      ...39;funny'. Well I am not gonna say too much about it, instead I am just gonna...something improper or illegal "funny farm" = (a not-so-nice way of saying) a mental hospital Hope this ...

    • Not that he had much to say???

      Not that he had much to say 這並不是說他有很多話可說

    • 非常的棒翻成英文

      ...good enough for most situations. Adding the 4-lette word does not say much more than that you probably are drunk! Cheers!