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    not sneeze at

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    • 幫我翻一下!!!

      上半段 灰姑娘下半段 「我呢」,大的說,會穿「我櫻桃色,英式鑲邊的絲絨裝。」 「我呢」,小的說「我只有常穿的小外套,但是為了彌補我會穿我的繡金花斗蓬與鑽石手環,它們也是不容輕視的。」 她們叫了最好的理髮師把捲髮轉成角,貼...

    • I have got a nose problem that to get rid of them, but the truth is, it's better not to keep pet at home if you have this kind of problem.) And also keep warm of your head...

    • 急....幫我翻譯成英文五句 謝謝

      ...soil, and homework performance is worse. 4.At the time that I went out yesterday morning...the body having a little indisposition. I not only sneeze and have a headache today and I think that I...