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    • 請問I’d..是什麼字的縮寫??

      答案:此題I'd = I had Rose's performance was not so good as I had expected. 翻譯:蘿絲的表現並不如我所預料中的良好。

    • 比較級比較as well asas good as

      ...個選項? as...asso...as意思是否相同,但so...as較合文法,as...as較偏口語? so...as是否只能用在否定句? --- 是的 ※我現在打籃球不如從前那樣好了。 (a) I do not play basketball as good as I used to. (b) (c) I do not play basketball as well as ...

    • 幫忙中翻英~謝謝(20點)

      ... , but the previous way is too difficult, do not know how to get to . Not so good as, let's say good-bye! Saying good-bye when the emotion is the best...