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    not so hot

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    • 有人可以幫我翻一下我的日記嗎?? 中翻英

      It is not so hot as yesterday to sweep a grave this year on April 5, has...and discredited, it is really boring , will not go next time! ! !! 希望能幫上妳的忙

    • 英文作文題目是my favorite ......

      ...summer, fall, winter. In spring, the weather is very good. It's not so hot and not so cold. I can go anywhere that I want. The weather in summer...

    • but要不要逗號啊?

      ... to her place. 沒加逗號的差別您可以看出來。 例: It's not so high, but we can jump it. It is hot in summer here, but it is not cold in winter. I will help you, but not right...