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    • 幫我檢查一下~~短句子而已!!送10點喔

      ...dictionary really takes a lot of time. Also, sometimes the words may not so important, but we emphasize on them too much. It is meaningless. 參考一下

    • 這句英文怎麼翻譯才正確

      How much you earn per month is not so important, the key point is how tomanager the money.

    • so的文法問題

      ...長了. 英文有把長的主詞向後延的習慣, 所以the basic competence that is important就放到be動詞的後面去了. 全句的基本結構是the basic competence is not so much as what ... 意思是說:前者的basic competence固然重要,但後者的what更重要...