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  1. not take no for an answer

    • ph.
      persist in spite of refusals
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    • 英文句子改寫,請求大大相助! ride a scooter instead of . . always taking the subway to school. John feel..., taxis, . and so on. Not only yet the fastest, but also... his head " no " instead.

    • 各位英文高手 能幫我翻譯這些句子

      1.我已經快受不暸Josh留在沙發上好幾天的臭襪子了。 2.騎腳踏車是不錯的。 3.這會花我40分鐘的時間到達台北車站。接著我必須另外搭40分鐘的公車。 4.(屙...這我不確定) 5.你花在公車何火車的費用大概足以付你的房租了。 6.Lucy跟John說她很會開車而且...

    • 請幫幫我~不知道這"英文文章"O不OK

      ... won't take no for an answer so John decides... on lucy's scooter,she takes off very quockly. On the..., and taxis.Not only does Lucy drive...