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  1. not in the same street

    • far inferior in terms of ability
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    • lost 英文文法

      No, not the same. The child was lost. (passive meaning) The child didn'...The child cries. (active meaning) ---> the crying child The child was punished. (passive meaning) ---> the punished...

    • 這題句子我真的不會..想了很久

      正確解答為:My watch is not the same as yours. the same as => 相同的;所以 not the same as=不相同的

    • 誰會回答這句句子??(英文)

      .First: name is not the same as (nonsense) Second: the atmosphere, the atmosphere in a Chinese restaurant... used (The above is based on wheat when the x and traditional Chinese restaurants comparison) 翻譯: 第一...