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    not to be sneezed at

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    • 幫我翻一下!!!

      ...南瓜變成了一個美麗,飾有金箔的馬車。 The fairy godmother then went to look for the mousetrap. In it were six sprightly of the trap, and as each mouse scampered out she tapped...

    • 急!! 20點 英文作文 '' 我感冒的經驗 ''

      ... were at least a hundred ...waterfall. 2. WuLai is arguably the decided to challenge for the top of... to sneeze like crazy among all the... for me not to be able to stop those...

    • 英文翻譯(要正確的)

      1. 有些迷信因為流傳許久而變成了習慣。世界上有許多地方認為當某人打噴嚏時,說句「祝你健康(Health)」或「上帝保祐你(God bless you)」是一種禮貌的表現。過去人們認為打噴嚏會使靈魂從身體裡脫逃,因此他們說「上帝保祐你」來保護人們不會失去靈魂。時至今日...