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  1. not want to know

    • ph.
      故意不接觸或不了解某人(某事物)(以免造成不便或麻煩); 不理會
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    • 1. 故意不接觸或不了解某人(某事物)(以免造成不便或麻煩); 不理會 He was desperately in need of help but nobody seemed to want to know. 他極需幫助, 可是似乎誰也不願理會。
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      ...fortune-teller now. You want to know about your love life...will have children or not. Fortune teller..., I did not know that this question was...'s kind of hard to tell you know.

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      ...而間接問句則是 主詞(S) 動詞 (V) 所以答案是 My mother wants to know how that could happen. She is not sure whether _________________. (A) you don't like Joan. (B...

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