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    • why can't 的改寫

      ...with us? (X) Why can you not go with us? (O) 記住一個重點,否定的問句倒裝 come with us? 與 Why can you not come with us? 別瞎扯了,基本上是一樣的,妳認為語意不同...

    • 我有一句中文句子,翻成英文,需要修改嗎~謝謝

      ...就是對的,那只是我們自己的想法罷了。 When others do something not agreeing with our mind, we may easily get mad at them. What is in our...

    • 英文”to”的小小問題!10點

      1. He would not play baseball with us. (他不會跟我們一起打棒球。) 這題不用加to,因為would是... wanted to walk along the path but the dog would not let them go past. (小孩們想沿著小路走,但那隻狗...