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  1. nothing but

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    • 1. 僅僅 Don't worry for my illness; what I need is nothing but a few days of rest. 不要為我的病擔心, 我只要稍微休息幾天就會好的。 The old couple now have nothing to live on but a small pension from the government. 老倆口兒現在只靠政府發的一點養老金生活。





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    • nothing but替代字

      nothing but beauty = nothing besides beauty = nothing apart from beauty = nothing in addition to beauty nothing but happy (X) nothing but happiness (O) nothing but feeling happy (...

    • nothing but 的用法

      ...問題還蠻有趣的 在此提供小弟的看法 在正式標準英語中,不建議這種用法 nothing but之意類似''only'',其義不外乎強調''句尾",如...

    • anything/nothing but 的差別

      不管是anything but或是nothing but,這裡的but在語意上等同於except (except for) (除了...不算之外)!所以當你說:...是除了藝術家不算之外的任何身分",也就是說"他絕非是個藝術家"!!而nothing but剛好跟anything but相反:He is nothing but an artist.= He is...