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    nothing to write to home about

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    • 請問以下英文是什麼意思 找了好久都找不到答案

      ...hunch 憑直覺 例:He had a hunch that she was lying. nothing to write home about 不特別的 例:The play was nothing to write home about.

    • in itself 的用法

      ...而非故事本身。 It's a fantastic movie; the story itself is nothing to write home about, but the acting is superb. = 很棒的電影,雖然故事本身沒什麽特別...

    • 英文改疑問句改原問句

      ...:Has nothing gone wrong... stayed home alone.(問原因) ... her about ten ninutes to walk here.(改疑問句... has written 5 books.(改...