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  1. now

    • IPA[nou]


    • adv.
      at the present time or moment;at the time directly following the present moment; immediately
    • conj.
      as a consequence of the fact
    • adj.
      fashionable or up to date
    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. as a consequence of the fact they spent a lot of time together now that he had retired now that you mention it, I haven't seen her around for ages


    • 1. informal fashionable or up to date seventies disco dancing—very now
  2. 知識+

    • 急需Just / Just now / now的用法整合

      now (可放句首、句尾、be動詞之後或一般動詞之前) 1. now (現在的狀態) : 用現在式 Now I’m 20...: I’m just coming. = I’m now coming. 我現在就過來。 2. just = very recently (離...

    • now的位置...該如何放呢?

      now 是時間副詞..習慣性應該是放句尾... 但在一本書上..看到有這樣的句子.. It is now summer vacation. 在這句子中 是放在is 的後面... 那如果...句子中出現了動詞...

    • now 是指現在,那 right now呢??

      ...,有"立刻"、"馬上"、"正在"等等意思,rught here, 正在這裡,right now則是馬上。以上的right用法為副詞,有強調動作的意思,例如:他在這裡。...