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  1. now and again

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      時常; 偶爾; 有時; 間或 I like to go to the opera every now and again. 我喜歡偶爾去看歌劇。 Every now and again she went upstairs to see if he was still asleep. 她時而到樓上看看他是否還在睡著。
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    • now and again是何意思?

      now and again有時,偶爾= now and then= sometimes Everyone needs a little time away from the office now and again. 每個人偶爾都需要一點時間遠離辦公室。參考資料:Longman ...

    • 有關這句英文怎麼拆解文法,看不懂?

      (Sniffer) then scampered along, stopping now and again when he smelled something good. 然後(牠)沿路蹦蹦跳跳,當牠聞到好東西...

    • And not seein that lovin you?

      Every now and again i pretend i'm okay but that's not what gets me , 每次我都...