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  1. now then

    • ph.
      used to get someone's attention or to invite a response;used as an expression of mild remonstrance or warning
  2. 知識+

    • every now and then 的翻譯

      now and then = occasionally 偶而 every now and then = on every occasion = often/sometimes 時常;有時 think of : 想到 I think of you every now and then. 我時常想到你. 註: 本句可用於一般久未見面的朋友, 還不到情侶間那樣...

    • every now and then 的中文翻譯

      您好,請參考~ every now and then 的中文翻譯 一般書上或字典的翻譯是[時常],[常常] 個人覺得中文裡(台灣)常用的[三不五時] 更為貼切

    • 英文單字和片語的解釋

      ...手來(投降) 但是請注意應該是 hands up * hands 要記得加 s *now~,then~ =now~~now時而...,時而. The weather was now hot, then cold.天氣時熱...