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  1. nuclear reaction


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    • 英文response和reaction

      ... of reaction made change difficult. 反動勢力使得改革舉步維艱。 a chemical/nuclear reaction 化學/核反應 2010-02-19 10:44:03 補充: response 指(口頭的或書面的)回答...

    • 請幫幫我 英文文章翻譯

      ...much more powerful than conventional explosives, derive thier destructive force from nuclear reactions of fission or fusion. The first nuclear weapons ever used...

    • 我想請問一下有關一些英文片語的問題

      ...之後,政府發行赤字財政債券補償減稅。 9.The conditions for a nuclear chain reaction can be understood by analogy. 透過推理可以了解連鎖反應的條件。