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  1. null and void

    • ph.
      【律】無法律約束力的; 無效的
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    • ph.
    • 1. 【律】無法律約束力的; 無效的

      This contract is null and void. 此合同無效。


    【律】無法律約束力的; 無效的

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    • 關於形容內心或精神荒蕪的英文?

      mental illness of null and void void of all expression completely lack of something desolate; =passively feel very sad and lonely...and void" spirit. He can't grasp the essence of his already "null and void" mind. After being criticised ,his spirit ...

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      ...在未來必須做出棄權的主張 Any waiver given by a party will be null and void if the party requesting such waiver has not provided a full...

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      ... all in place, the agreement of the contents of the agreement be null and void. 二、甲方應依分期償還之外,甲方於往後出貨的貨款,應先100%預付款,乙...