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    nurse a desire for

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    • 請問專人可以幫我校搞嗎?希望有人可以幫忙 care practitioners unified share a concern for patient safety and a desire for an environment of nursing care provided with communication and teamwork. 全球的健康照顧者共同分享有關...

    • 麻煩把英文翻成中文~

      ... asleep or sated is going to have trouble satisfying a desire to nurse it. Most important for our narratological purposes, however, both childbirth and breast feeding...

    • 急~英翻中!!請不要用翻譯軟體!!

      ... the view that academic stress is a major cause of stress among nursing students and two categories... reinforcement (extrinsic motivation) and the desire for learning and knowing (intrinsic motivation...