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    • 急 題目 The Nursing Home約50字的英文作文

      The goal of nursing home is to provide care and treatment to restore or someone who wants to know the type of facility of nursing home and select the right one for their parents...

    • 何謂”nursing home”?

      在那邊的居民都需要長期的護士照顧 例如 行動不便 服務的人從小孩到老人都有 18歲以上可以完全交給一個護士負責人照顧他 在美國規定 每天24小時都要有至少一個有護士執照的人在nursing home負責看護

    • 求私立養護中心的英文翻譯?

      ...Nursing staff are on hand at all times to care for residents. Nursing homes usually cost more than residential homes due to the greater staffing...