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  1. nut

    • IPA[nət]


    • n.
      a fruit consisting of a hard or tough shell around an edible kernel;the hard kernel of a nut.
    • v.
      gather nuts;butt (someone) with one's head
    • verb: nut, 3rd person present: nuts, gerund or present participle: nutting, past tense: nutted, past participle: nutted

    • noun: nut, plural noun: nuts

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. archaic gather nuts in autumn children would go nutting they had nutted in the woods and fished in the river
    • 2. British informal butt (someone) with one's head I thought he was going to nut me in the face
  2. 知識+

    • areca nut or betel nut?

      1. 在用法上,areca nut 和 betel nut 都一樣,只不過 betel nut 比較常用 2. 把它們拆開來看的話,就...包裹「檳榔樹」的果實「檳榔果」: 「蔞葉」- betel 「檳榔樹」- betel palm、betel nut palm,或學名 Areca catechu 「檳榔果」- areca nut 或 betel nut areca 則正是...

    • 急~英文翻譯crimped nuts?????

      crimp nut是一種特殊螺帽,勉強可以翻譯成"鎖緊螺帽",功能有點像墊片,但又有內螺牙,通常是用來加強密封功能,妳文中的"crimped nuts"是指已經被鎖上的crimp nut.看圖會比較清楚. 下面這一張圖就是crimp nut...

    • fitness nut

      ...健身的狂熱愛好者愛死去健身房看曲線美眉的傢伙下面幾個都算是 Fitness Nuts... 圖片參考: