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    nut house
  1. nuthouse

    • KK[ˋnʌthaʊs]
    • DJ[ˋnʌthaus]


    • n.
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    • PUMP零件英翻中

      ...支架適配器 gasket, frame to adapter墊片, 支架到適配器 gland gasket油腺墊片 stud and nut back plate/ frame or frame adapterr/Frame螺栓及螺帽背板/或支架適配器 mechenic...

    • 四種動物分別在春夏秋冬的生活習慣

      ... Her Love Autum---Collects Nuts Winter---Sleep All Winter 2008-09...: Gather In Their Ant House

    • ”From A to Z” 是什麼意思呢?

      ...finish. 雨從早下到晚。 from stem to stern : We did over the whole house from stem to stern. 我們把房子徹底的整理一遍。 from soup to nuts : We went through the whole agenda, from soup to nuts. 我們把整個...