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    • 這句話的紅字是什麼意思??

      This "wise" is added on to the "food" to broaden what is included. "food" itself just something you can eat. "foodwise" will mean "things related to food" or "in the area of food". it is very similar to...

    • 請問一句話中squares的意思

      很有意思, 所以查了一下字典, 發現 square 當名詞用時有一個特別的美式俚義 抄錄如下 square n. a good and nutritious meal. (Always with quantifier when square is used without meal...

    • 請問SPEEDS是什麼意思?

      ...傳送長途電話。 急速送至[O] 促進;加快...的速度 Fresh air and nutritious food will speed his recovery. 呼吸新鮮空氣,吃有營養的食物會促進他身體...