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  1. nuts and bolts


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    • 1. 基本要素;具體細節 He doesn't know the nuts and bolts of our accounting system. 他一點也不了解我們會計系統的基本細節。 You have to study the nuts and bolts of English grammar. 你必須研讀英文文法的基本細節。
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    • 請幫忙翻譯 專業知識 中翻英

      ... clenched . Itis simply in a pressurized locking nuts and bolts will produce wear and teareffect, these will cause the rough surface to have cold welding...

    • 急~修護避震器英文 請高手幫忙翻譯

      ...螺栓的位置3.Remove the cam bolt, knuckle bolt, and brake-hose mounting bolt. Then remove the strut-attaching nuts and remove the strut from the vehicle.移除凸輪螺栓,轉向節螺栓,及刹車軟管固定螺栓...

    • 荷蘭客戶的英文....幫幫忙翻譯

      ...customer their staff on site can remove the rubber bungs and then use the nut and bolt kits provided by the factory to bolt the legs of the portable...