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    obey an order

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    • 高一英文[關係詞]

      ...thousand men, _______ must obey his orders in both war and peace. a. all... d. all of which Ans: A -------------位什麼... d. of which Ans:D----Why? the...

    • 請英文高手幫我翻譯成英文...謝謝

      ...96 years since absence and do not obey school provision to carry out to ask for leave a procedure, influence an educational administration and class' duty...and square in the school to rule.In order to make our school teach a job the...

    • 誰可以翻譯下面一段英文文章(有關於機器人的)

      2.機械人必須遵守人腦所給予的命令除了此種命令和第一條法令相衝到 3.機械人必須保護自己生命只要此種保護不和第一或二法令相衝到 Urada的死是場意外,他曾試著修復製造工廠機械人並從失敗中開始. 這場意外造成人類更注意到危險和新規則,此種規則是用來保護人類的. 不過...