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  1. objective function

    • n.
      (in linear programming) the function that it is desired to maximize or minimize.
    • noun: objective function, plural noun: objective functions

  2. 知識+

    • 英文翻譯,幫修改一下!!

      ...的選擇。 Under the normative perspective, decision-makers maximize an objective function (for example, the utility function) with respect to an objective or a subjective probability distribution...

    • The Envelope Theorem

      ...statement of the theorem is: Consider an arbitrary maximization problem where the objective function (f) depends on some parameter (a): M(a)=max/x*ƒ(x,a) where the...

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      ... method to the structural safety of bicycle design, to meet the qualification and the objective function of optimal design problems. It is designed to obtain the...