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  1. obscure

    • IPA[əbˈskyo͝or]


    • adj.
      not discovered or known about; uncertain;not clearly expressed or easily understood
    • v.
      keep from being seen; conceal;make unclear and difficult to understand
    • verb: obscure, 3rd person present: obscures, gerund or present participle: obscuring, past tense: obscured, past participle: obscured

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    • 醫護術語,這句英文麻煩幫忙翻譯?

      如果他是例如照超音波之類的 它應該是說胰臟的尾端因為空氣的影響所以照的不清楚 obscured 的意思有點像是被擋住或隱藏

    • 請告訴下列這段話的大意

      ... research deeply buried in paradigms that are obscure to decision makers and the public. 譬如大多數的AAG成員是學者而他們...

    • 英.It is not easy to define...

      ...因為他們之間╴╴╴╴╴╴╴ A.ample   是廣大的ˋ大量的ˋ充裕的 B.obscure   是不清楚的  C.ethical  是倫理的ˋ道德的 D.ironic  是諷刺...